Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goldratt India

Today Mr. Ravi Gilani of Goldratt India, who has been the principal consultant in the Theory of Constraints area in India and popularizing Eliyahu Goldratt's ideas visitied the IIMI campus to address the MBA students. It was great to meet with him and have an extended conversation today. Unlike a very mundane what is ToC type of PPT he actually spoke about decisions to made in life and especially decisions that MBA students actually took etc. He later explained that he did not get into the usual organizational ToC specifics because, he only like to talk to actual decision makers and that he was aware that the people in the audience were only decision makers for themselves and not for any organizations. So, he would be more effective in articulating ToC thinking processes as applied to individualistic situations.

I guess this in general serves as a good guidance to those of us who go about doing these lecture sessions or corporate presentations. Unless speaking to the firm's real actionary body, it may actually work better to apply the concept / framework at the individual level to explain it and allude to the impact of the same at the organizational level. Food for thought...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pranic healing really?

What do you do when there is an organizational conflict? When there are conflicting groups who propose different approaches for solving a problem or who have differences in priorities etc - Its time for some pranic healing! Really! One of the groups could engage a pranic healer who could "cure" the other group and make them see things your way! The "curing" can even happen remotely. Many management problems could be effectively addressed possibly! No Kidding! When there is a worker's strike, the management can hire pranic healers to "cure" the workers; When there is a hostile take over attempted on a firm, pranic healers could be hired to "cure" the other party and stop the acquisition. Its all good...
Except, what would happen if both the conflicting groups engage healers to "cure" the other? I guess the conflict would remain and the positions would reverse?

Coming Back?

I am thinking I would start posting more often now. Lots of interesting things happening in life and life around and many "Only in India..." , "Only in IIMI..." stories to share.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just a Fantasy...

The dirt emanating from IPL creates so much stench that public followership of the league decimates. Financial pressure on bottomlines and political tensions on the other causes the IPL to shutdown. All bigwigs from BCCI - IPL are arrested and Govt. of India takes over BCCI - IPL. Drastic drop in interest levels in cricket in India. Cricket world taken by storm. Overall productivity of Indians all over the world goes up by 30%.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Future of Food

Last evening I saw the documentary, "The Future of Food".
Be aware of what's going on -> The movie is a gripping one to watch.
You get it free at:

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Grow your own vegetable?

Would you be interested if a neighbor offers you some vegetables that he grew in his garden..Let us say some fresh okra (ladies-finger) or a some fresh pumpkins?
Great! You can be that neighbor.
Just start with tomatoes. They grow in pots and do very well even in multi-storeyed building corridors or balconies.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Plead of the Day

Get to know the "Revolution" in Agriculture:

Evidently it was an Indian scientist (Dr.Chakrabarty) who applied for the first patent on a living microbe. (Otherwise telling that he and his company GE owns that microbe).

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Indian Ethical Values in President's Address

President Patil (Yes we have a President and her name once again is Pratibha Patil) made the following statement inher speech on the eve of Republic day while refering to the scam and recent economic losses in Dalal Street - “The traditional Indian ethics emphasised saving wisely, investing productively and not borrowing more than the capacity to repay. These hold valuable lessons for the business world.”

How about Indian Govt demanding money from tax payers (Sometimes even in advance!) without any capacity whatsoever to "repay" through governance and administration. Was Madam President refering to that?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Going to God...

My daughter off late has been massaging in her head the thoughts of "going to God". When someone dies, he "goes to God" was an explanation that we had offered. She has lots of rejoinders to that:
1. If you grow old and only the we go to God, I will grow old slowly.
2. If God alone knows when He is going to take us, we can ask Him. Can't we?
3.Krishna is a good boy and my friend. He will tell me when He is going to call me or you or amma.

When I asked her, "whom do you want to go to God first and whom last?",she said,"We will all go last and Sundara Patti will go first" (all this talk came about only after Sundara Patti "went to God" sometime back).